Drain The Swamp Card Game

Can you tell Facts from “Alternative Facts?”
Do you think you know the difference between Real and “Fake” News?

Well, NOW you can take back control and have fun!

In DRAIN THE SWAMP Card Game players compete to wade through the vast political swamp to score points. Two or more players may compete.

The game contains two decks of cards:

  • The Swamp Deck (60 Cards)
  • The Swamp Master Deck. (30 Cards)
  • Each Swamp Deck has three different types of questions worth 1, 3 and 5 points and are based on the current White House Administration (as of today…Actually 3 minutes ago).
  • Each Swamp Master card contains only one question related to “Our President” and must be answered in order to DRAIN THE SWAMP and Win-Win-Win the game.

You’re gonna win so much you'll get tired of winning.
And if you lose...You're a loser!

Drain The Swamp Card Game

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Inside The Swamp

About The Swamp…

Two long-time close buddies are sitting in a house in the woods, hanging out. One says to the other, “I think I’ve got an idea.” The other friend replies, “I knew I smelled something,” sarcasm being one of the cornerstones of a close friendship. “I think it’s a good idea…or not…,” his pal continued. He went on to explain his creative epiphany!* When he was finished, his friend replied with just three words: “Let’s. Do. It!” Hence, the kernel of an idea that became Drain The Swamp Card Game (DTS) was born!...

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