About The Swamp…

Two long-time close buddies are sitting in a house in the woods, hanging out. One says to the other, “I think I’ve got an idea.” The other friend replies, “I knew I smelled something,” sarcasm being one of the cornerstones of a close friendship. “I think it’s a good idea…or not…”, his pal continued. He went on to explain his creative epiphany!* When he was finished, his friend replied with just three words: “Let’s. Do. It!” Hence, the kernel of an idea that became Drain The Swamp Card Game (DTS) was born!

In stressful times throughout history, comedy has flourished because we all need a release…away to get it all out. And although the DTS concept was fueled by passionate reactions to the roller-coaster ride of daily news events, Drain The Swamp Card Game is all about laughing and having fun.

So take control of the craziness! Work out your political angst! Now you can put on your hater hats and get ready to laugh your asses off — as you Drain The Swamp!

* Definition for Alt-right and other Cheeto-lovers who only know the word as used in the Bible:

a sudden, intuitive perception or insight into the reality of something usually initiated by some simple or commonplace experience.